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New Fish Make a Splash at SI Ferry

  • June 9, 2014
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 4:15 PM

Every once and a while we will receive a request from someone who wants to donate their fish. While we always seek to help find new homes for fish, we can't always accommodate these requests due to our high standards for livestock. But a couple of weeks ago we were given an offer we couldn't refuse.

The proud owner of a 12" Red-Belly Pacu, 10" Tin Foil Barbs, and a bevy of large Cichlids (Jack Dempsey's, Sunshine, Peacocks, etc.) contacted us, explaining that he was moving out of town and was hoping to give his pets a new home -- in this case, the Staten Island Ferry fish tanks.

The twin tanks, which City Aquarium has been maintaining since 2009, were once saltwater installations. We renovated them after Hurricane Sandy struck and reopened them about a year ago as freshwater systems.

Fortunately, the client's fish were in great health and looked terrific. So, last week, aquarists Casey Carter and James Biggers did the honors of introducing the new fish to the tanks. We hope the people of SI and who visit the Ferry like the new denizens. And we're glad to have helped a pet owner in need.

Pre-School Goes Peacock!

  • June 5, 2014
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  • Posted By Justin @ 11:57 AM
It has been a while since we've posted here and the cyber cobwebs have accumulated. But, starting today, we will return to our blog with regular monthly (and, perhaps, even weekly) posts. 

City Aquarium recently constructed a 165-gallon freshwater tank for a wonderfully imaginative pre-school in Brooklyn, NY, The Brooklyn Pre-School of Science. The owner of the pre-school, who goes by the name of "Carmelo the Science Fellow," believes in the importance of teaching children, even as young as 5, basic science. To that end, the pre-school contains five terrariums, a large planted wall, and now a tank of African Cichlids.

For decor, we chose Texas Holey Rock, a limestone rock with a honeycomb-like appearance. We populated the tank mostly with Peacocks, choosing males for their bright colors. The emphasis in our trade is usually on colorful saltwater fish, but, while there's truth to that, African Cichlids are not a bad alternative. The smiles on the kids' faces can certainly attest to that. In fact, one film-savvy kid has already named the Fire Queen Cichlid... wait for it... "Nemo"!