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City Aquarium featured in "Capital"

  • October 21, 2010
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 9:10 AM

City Aquarium was recently featured in the leading Italian business magazine, "Capital." In the article, editor Andrea Torti details the recent upsurge in luxury aquariums, such as the one Justin Muir's team designed for Anna Anisimova's $10 million Time Warner Center penthouse in Manhattan (the aquarium seen in the article). The 400-gallon installation is located in Anna's bedroom and features a cerused oak cabinet, a museum-grade acrylic aquarium, and a handmade reef sculpture. Anisimova, whom some have foreshadowed the next Paris Hilton, is the daughter of aluminum-trader Marc Rich, whose estimated net worth is $350 million.

Justin is no stranger to the recent craze among the wealthy for aquariums. "Some people are like, ‘O.K., $5,000 every month to take care of the tank, plus $100,000 cost of the tank — I’m cool with that,’ ” Justin recently told "The New York Times." Justin's explanation for the trend? A combination of wealth and an interest in the environment. As he told the WG News, "[The wealthy] aren't necessarily suffering from a bad economy, but they feel like they need to contribute to a greener planet, and they'll do so by buying a living piece of art rather than a car."

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Brian Sanders
City Aquarium LLC

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