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Staten Island Ferry Terminal Aquariums

  • April 24, 2009
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 9:57 AM

The twin tanks at Staten Island Ferry Terminal had a rough start. As many of you have read in the press the aquariums had some issues over the past year. City Aquarium has the best service staff in the North East, for reals. So when it was time to change the aquarium guard over in Staten Island, the Staten Island Zoo hired City Aquarium to take over. We began the renovation on January 1st, 2009. We loved the challenge and of course we loved the tanks! The life support room is massive and needed some care and our dedicated staff has been working daily to get the tanks back into shape. Thus far, not one fish has been sick or passed on since we took over. The tanks are crystal clear, water quality is healthy, and the fish are fat and loving life. We added the new lighting last month, and the new fish are on their way. We are now placing 40 new fish in quarantine and they will appear in the Staten Island tanks second week of May.

You will find David and Keiko there daily cleaning and diving the tanks, scrubbing, taking water samples, and feeding. The fish are being fed, vitamin enriched flakes, and pellets, vegetables, krill, silversides, and a special freshwater frozen mysis. All our fish are fed this special mysis from PE Mysis

The picture is our skinny boy, David Gould, our artificial reef caretaker. He can scrub, and he can fit into any tank. He uses the hooka device to dive and spends about 6-8 hours a week under water at Staten. More to come!




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