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  • elevates custom
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  • to a new aesthetic.

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Bucks: Water World

  • February 5, 2006
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 12:48 PM

In the never-ending quest to one-up your neighbors, media rooms, and koi ponds simply don't suffice anymore. Today's uber-chic homes now have custom aquariums that are akin to a work of art. City Aquariums creates aquatic installations that have graced the halls of world-class museums, homes of celebrities, as well as the walls of hotspots such as The Coral Room and Duvet. Consisting of interior designers, furniture makers, architects, sculptures and marine biologists, the City Aquarium team uses the world's most exquisite sea life, including shark, eel, coral, and jellyfish to create their glass-enclosed masterpieces. The end result is an underwater fantasy world designed entirely for you. Once your custom-aquarium is complete, City Aquarium maintains your aquatic exhibit with a 24-hour on-call staff of marine and fresh-water biologists.



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