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Vanity Fair: Minimalism To The Maximum

  • November 4, 2005
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 12:44 PM

The CITY AQUARIUM team is always working on new projects. This summer and fall JUSTIN MUIR and his design team are extending their reach into deluxe minimalist design by creating new works of art for the most discerning new clients. Once again, CITY AQUARIUM will use their signature sophistication to mix water and diamonds, sculpture and rock, and of course, the rarest fish in the world.

CITY AQUARIUM is about to unveil its latest creations:

*Over 20 custom aquarium cubes for the Caribbean-themed event sponsored by Travel and Leisure Magazine, published by American Express. This one-of-a-kind installation contained rare exotic fish and the decadent diamond creations of world-famous jeweler, Daniel K. Completion date: July 14, 2005.

*She wants seahorses... Muir designs for billionaire and international socialite Anna Anissimova her very own seahorse tank. The seahorse aquarium features farm raised Pot Belied seahorses from Australia and schooling Golden Butterflies from the Red Sea. A museum grade acrylic fabrication, cerused oak cabinetry and hand made reef inserts with delicate pink sea plumes will be completed in December, 2005.

*A Fourteen foot long Bull-nosed, Lucite aquarium in the Tribecca townhouse of financier Alan Wilzig. Special features include a 17th Century Burmese sculpture, hand-crafted, archival quality birch tree branches, and the magnificent Asian Arowana fish. Completion date: December, 2005. In the works is a lake renovation on the 240 acre Wilzig retreat in up-state NY.

*Acrylic installation in a black steel bar for Marvel Comics Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada. This special design is in collaboration with Thom Filicia Designs. It will incorporate a man-made reef and schooling saltwater fish. Completion date: December 1, 2005.

CITY AQUARIUM is growing faster than ever! The winter roster of creations promises to be as spectacular as the summer. Coming up: minimalist water installations in New York's exclusive Time Warner Building, in the ultra-lush South Hampton house of a top surgeon, aquariums in Greece, Los Angeles, Miami, and jellyfish NYC...

Stay tuned!


Stuff: Gearotica

  • November 2, 2005
  • |
  • Posted By Justin @ 12:42 PM

Get Tanked - Custom Aquariums

Buy your pets a castle fit for a king—a king who swims in his own feces.

Those Siamese fighting fish worked in your college dorm room, but if you want to express your burning need to play God to a bunch of finned critters with panache, nothing does it better than a custom aquarium. Don't count on your local Petco to carry anything resembling saltwater style, though. Custom jobs like this one by Manhattan's City Aquarium ( start at around $18,000 and can run into the six-figure stratosphere depending on how you trick it out. On the upside, at least a plasma TV doesn't seem to expensive anymore.